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Don’t Curb Your Enthusiasm

iphone 395Welcome to EntusiasTeach. This blog is my attempt to combine a passion for technology & the humanities to spark ideas and improve the profession. I have been so inspired by my interactions on Twitter and love presenting PD, meeting with other educators, attending conference but most of all making my classroom an engaging place to be.  My goal Donis always to flush out new ideas and explore unique ways to meet every child where they are. With so much focus on data and mandates from administration, it is important not to forget what really hooks children on learning: an enthusiastic teacher.

Let us avoid the Ben Stein teacher scenario in every classroom in American (“Bueller? Bueller?”) My classroom can often be a pretty crazy place, but the best part of my job is the fact that more often than not, my students are smiling. I might look like a complete fool dressed up like a Puritan or playing air guitar on a yardstick, but more often than not, my students are smiling. Smiling leads to happiness. Research shows that your memory receptors work more effectively when you are doing something pleasant. If cracking a few jokes can help these kiddos remember their math facts or the events leading up to the American Revolution, it is a win/win. My dream is that more teachers will dress up like Puritans, or throw things off school rooftops, or rewrite popular songs to express difficult-to-remember concepts. Maybe that’s not your thing, but maybe the way you talk about Chaucer with a twinkle in your eye or geek out on robotics will influence your student to feel the same. Enthusiasm takes many forms, it is essential to the craft of teaching. How do you show your enthusiasm?