Diving into the Writing Workshop

Today I am fortunate to share some of my experiences with the Writing Workshop with an excellent group of colleagues in Barkhamsted, CT.  My message will be that with the writing workshop, we can give bursts of explicit instruction with mini-lessons, but the bulk of the time is given for students to explore themselves and WRITE! If you think of swim practice, you probably don’t see the team sitting on the edge of the pool for the whole practice while the coach is talking. They need to get in the water, refine their strokes, build the muscle memory! This is the aim of the writing workshop. It is a challenge, but it is one that will pay dividends although at times you may feel like your head is barely above water. (I am into the metaphors… no apologies).

Below, I am including some links and information I am sharing with the group throughout today’s session. More to come in future posts, especially related to specific units of study.

Diving in to Writing Workshop Presentation

Informational Mentor Texts Craft Chart (example)

Two Writing Teachers Blog

Columbia Digital Texts & Series

Mini Lesson Planning Template

Throughout the day I am happy to update this list and ensure we have all of the resources we need to do our best work. In addition, I am available to support you through this journey, just a click away!

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