Monthly Archives: December 2013

My Nerdlution

Awake at 4:30 AM, as I often am, I found myself checking my twitter feed. I was surprised to see several folks discussing fitness goals like running, walking, etc. since my twitter use is kept mainly for professional reasons. I saw, however, that in several of these posts the hash tag was #nerdlution.

Anything with the word “nerd” involved is definitely something I can get behind. I found out that a nerdlution is a resolution designed to make you happy, increase your fullfillment and improve your life. In my estimation, it should not be something you are doing so you can “look hot” or “get skinny”  as typical resolutions tend to be. A nerdlution should also not be a ticket to a guilt trip come January 29 when you have not used that gym membership you were pressured into getting for a year. I also vote that a nerdlution should be something that helps you follow your passion and increases time doing what you love, the actions that bring you joy but are often overlooked in the hustle and bustle of work and family life.

image courtesy @iChrisLehman

I enjoy writing. I enjoy technology and learning more about new formats. Therefore, my nerdlution is to keep up this itty bitty blog I have here, and hopefully get some readers. I am going to try to write a little every day to bring some of the blog post ideas that pop into my head in the car or the shower. If I am being honest, I will probably also try to read more literary novels  (I have been a little heavy on work reading) and have some family fun that involves physical activity.    What is your nerdlution?